The Procida International Film Festival is open to everyone.

Procida International Film Festival (Quarterly Festival) is a Sister Festival of Procida Film Festival (Annual), The Cutting Room International Festival and Venus Italian International Film Festival.* Kathrina Miccio – Creative Director/ PIFF, CRISFF, VIIFFProcida International Film Festival is a proud IMDB Award Film Festival, and Top 100 Best Acclaimed Festivals in the world. We are a quarterly, seasonal festival, in which there are four chances to win throughout the year. Winners will be announced on MARCH 26, 2020 for the Winter Edition Winners will be announced on August 30, 2020 for the Spring EditionEach quarterly winner receives “PIFF Trophy” during our Award ceremony held on: September 20th 2020If you can not attend, you can purchase a PIFF Trophy to be sent to you.All winners will be invited to walk the Red Carpet and attend the award ceremony.Our Annual Epic Event, includes LIVE screenings, panel and workshop guests such as distributors, world renown celebrity actors, and highly acclaimed entertainment and industry professionals.
Red carpet Interviews and a wonderful Award Ceremony will be held September 20 2020, in Procida, Italy

Events at will by held at: 5 Star Hotel Le Suite * Procida Hall (Opening and screenings) * Marina di Procida – Feature films and documentaries out of competition * Chiesa San Giacomo (workshop – open meetings ProcidaLab) * LaSuite 5 Star hotel- post production events * Santa Margherita (Awards Location) With your submission, for an additional $50 you will receive an article about your project with photos that you will provide. This is wonderful for you can use for all social media and press kits. Also, During The Festival, we will have a Panel of Entertainment Professionals prescreen your film, show your trailer and critique your film for an additional $200. If you can not attend, you will receive it in writing or a video with the panel.Our Programming Department will pick films from the pool of winning films throughout the year for the screening at the festival. Not all winning films throughout the year will be screening, but will screen at the awards. Each film has to be submitted to at least one genre, to qualify for additional categories.Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards.Our mission is to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and Award them, so they are more inspired to keep telling amazing stories. Our aim is to at enable filmmakers to meet and discuss their work, in the magical and breathtaking setting of the island, Procida, Italy off the coast of Naples. This small Island brought luck to many world-renowned filmmakers that have started or confirmed their career, with such films as “Il Postino”, and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. With this spirit and these credentials, we would like to invite filmmakers and screenwriters to submit their work and to participate in the Prestigious Procida International Film Festival. We also want to lure filmmakers here to create beautiful films on this exquisite Island.Winners will be announced on March 26, 2020 for the Winter Edition

Winners will be announced on August 30, 2020 for the Spring Edition Each quarterly “Best Picture” winners are nominated to receive a “PIFF Trophy” during our Award ceremony : September 20th 2020 Procida International Film Festival Celebrates Short Films, Features & Documentaries, and music Videos. Highly acclaimed Guest Speakers are at our panel meetings. Panel and workshop guests such as distributors, world renown celebrity actors, and highly acclaimed entertainment professionals. The theme for the eighth edition of the Procida Film Festival is ” The Sea, Culture, Food, and Fashion ” Whether its Italian films or other cultures, all are invited to submit, to share about food and tradition, love, and lifestyle. The aim of this edition of the The Procida International Film Festival is to enhance its natural element in many aspects, from social, ecological, naturalistic, and also historical, artistic and aesthetic perspectives. This year the Procida Film Festival has dedicated a new section to the Italian region of Campania: “Panorama Campania” is dedicated to movies and audiovisual productions, narrative with, musical, documentary or experimental content, to support, Promote and value the heritage of this Italian region, focusing on its culture and landscape, local crafts and gastronomy, folkloristic, and religious traditions . Kathrina Miccio – Creative Director



Best Short Documentary


Best Feature Documentary

Best Director of Photography Documentary


Best Director Short Drama


Best Comedy Short

Adventure Brothers

Best Artist Documentary

5 x 7 il Paese in una Scatola

Best Short

La Nostra Isola

Director Short Documentary

Cristiano Esposito

Feature Film